Crack into eggs for the best breakfast choice.

New Zealanders are being egged on, and encouraged to reap the health benefits of eating eggs for breakfast.

A New Zealand Egg Industry initiative is underway reminding Kiwis that “you can’t beat eggs for breakfast”.

“Sugar-free, gluten-free, carb-free and protein rich, eggs are a versatile and affordable wholefood that help sustain your mental and physical energy on days when you need to beat the mid-morning lull. Eggs are an ideal choice for breakfast to set you up for the day and whatever lies ahead,” New Zealand Nutrition Foundation Dietitian Sarah Hanrahan says.

“We’re often told that breakfast is the most important meal of the day – and for good reason. Eating breakfast kick starts your metabolism and has a positive impact on hunger suppression. Choosing eggs as your first meal of the day will keep you fuller for longer, give you sustained energy throughout the morning and improve concentration and performance all round. It’s an unbeatable choice!”

Eggs are packed full of goodness providing high quality natural protein and over 11 vitamins and minerals. With the New Zealand Nutrition Foundation reiterating that Kiwis can eat up to six eggs a week as part of a healthy, balanced diet they are an “egg-ceptional” go-to breakfast staple. A Horizon Research survey [1] found a startling 376,000 New Zealand adults skipped breakfast Monday to Friday. Two-thirds of those who do have breakfast, spend less than 10 minutes preparing and eating it.

More than 100,000 children (aged 5-14 years) don’t have breakfast at least one day a week and 36,000 children (18% of the age group) never have breakfast at home on a school day, according to the Breakfast Eaters Programme [2].

To inspire people to put eggs on their breakfast menu, the New Zealand Egg Industry offers a range of quick and easy recipe ideas and videos.

They include short videos on preparing eggs for breakfast your favourite way – scrambled, fried, boiled or poached and recipes such as super-fast egg in a cup, microwave scrambled eggs, microwave eggs on toast and eggy crumpets.


  1. PROTEIN Did you know eggs have 6 grams of high-quality protein? And did you know a protein-packed breakfast helps sustain mental and physical energy throughout the day?
  2. ZERO CARBS NO SUGAR Eggs contain no carbs or sugar.
  3. VITAMINS AND MINERALS Eggs are packed with over 11 different essential vitamins.
  4. ANTIOXIDANTS Eggs contain both lutein and zeaxanthin, the weirdly-named antioxidants that help maintain healthy eyesight.
  5. NO GLUTEN? NO PROBLEM Let’s not forget that eggs are naturally gluten-free. Always have been, always will be.
  6. FOOD FOR THOUGHT Eggs don’t come with a complicated, jam-packed ingredient list because they contain only one ingredient. It’s called “eggs”. And eggs are the least expensive source of high-protein.



[1.] Horizon Research: New Zealand Breakfast Survey, July 2013 with 2,841 respondents

[2.] Breakfast Eaters Programme, July 2012, based on 2007 Children’s Food and Drinks survey (HSC 2008) and 2006 Census data.