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A selection of easy to follow, short step-by-step How-To videos. When you are in a hurry for some ideas or just need that little bit of egging on for some new inspiration watch how easy these recipes are for breakfasts, lunches, dinners or snacks. Let’s get Cracking… Enjoy.

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NEW Bacon and Egg Cheesy Bundles
Cheesy Bundles – Create your own combinations
Nici Wickes’ Knockout Ricotta Gnocchi
Messy Eggs
Bacon & Egg Mini Pies
French Toast


A collection of how-to short videos with new dinner ideas, serving 4-6 people for under $15. They’re great value – and great tasting too!
One Dish Tasty Meatballs.
Serves 4-5 for $15
Tuna Tortilla Bake. Serves 5 for $15
Risotto with Chorizo, Mushroom and Egg.
Serves 4 for $15
Spinach and Feta Frittata. Serves 6 for $14
Super Easy Egg, Bacon and Hash Bake. Serves 4-6 for $15
Easy Caramelised Onion and Ham Tart. Serves 4 for $13
Scrambled Pita Pockets. Serves 4 for $11
Best Sweetcorn Fritters.Serves 4 for $8

Classic videos from our archives:  

Sharing many great tips and hacks for making some of New Zealand’s favourite recipes, like the classic Bacon and Egg pie…. a 40 second omelette, and even scrambling eggs in a microwave! If The Egg Guy can do it, anyone can!

40 Second Omelette
Microwaved Scrambled Eggs
Bacon & Egg Pie
Spaghetti Carbonara
French Toast
The Egg & Toast Challenge

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