A selection of easy to follow recipe videos for you to watch when you are simply in a hurry or just need that little bit of egging on for new inspirations and ideas. Check out these simple, quick and tasty recipe ideas for breakfasts, lunches, dinners – or a snack. For the full recipes click here …

Let’s get Cracking… Enjoy.


Our latest collection of how to short videos with all new dinner ideas and all under $15 serving 4-6 people.
They’re great value – and great tasting too!

One Dish Tasty Meatballs. Serves 4-5 for $15

Risotto with Chorizo, Mushroom and Egg. Serves 4 for $15

Super Easy Egg, Bacon and Hash Bake. Serves 4-6 for $15

Scrambled Pita Pockets. Serves 4 for $11

Tuna Tortilla Bake. Serves 5 for $15

Spinach and Feta Frittata. Serves 6 for $14

Easy Caramelised Onion and Ham Tart. Serves 4 for $13

Best Sweetcorn Fritters.Serves 4 for $8

The Egg Guy’s classic videos:  

Sharing some great tips and hacks for making some of New Zealand’s favourite recipes, like the classic Bacon and Egg pie…. a 40 second omelette, and even scrambling eggs in a microwave! If he can do it anyone can.