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Eggs are Super Naturally Good for you.

Everybody loves eggs… they’re delicious, incredibly nutritious, great value and super versatile so they can be used in so many meals at any time of day or night. Many egg recipes are quick and simple to prepare for a tasty breakfastbrunchlunch or dinnerand they make a deliciously healthy quick snack. Eggs are also ideal for feeding larger families, flats and gatherings with tasty filling nutritious meals.

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Eggs are well recognised as an excellent and super affordable source of healthy high-quality dietary protein naturally rich with over 14 vitamins and minerals such as amino acids, calcium, sodium, iodine, selenium, choline and vitamins A, B, D & E. Many health organisations around the world now actively encourage people to eat more eggs every day to ensure that they benefit from one of nature’s original and super natural vitamin pills.

The many outstanding health and wellness benefits of eating eggs is very well researched worldwide. A daily diet that includes protein and plenty of vitamins and nutrients is proven essential for maintaining optimum health and eating eggs is an excellent, natural way of keeping up your intake of many of these essential vitamins, minerals and protein without the saturated fat content that’s present in many foods.

For more nutritional and health information go to The Everyday Superfood. For information on eating eggs when pregnant and feeding eggs to young babies and toddlers visit this page.

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