Pan fried, microwaved, with a hint of parsley or sweet chilli – whichever way you like it the classic scrambled eggs is New Zealand’s favourite egg breakfast choice, a recent survey[i] has revealed.

Over 1,700 egg lovers across the country revealed their favourite egg dishes ahead of World Egg Day [Friday 9 October].
Scrambled Eggs was the top pick for breakfast, with poached eggs hot on its heels for the title.

When it came to lunch there was no competition for the bacon and egg pie, which was streaks ahead of its closest rival, the classic quiche. Cabonara slid into the top spot as the favourite dinner option.

Staking its claim as a true Kiwi icon, the traditional Pavlova is sitting pretty at number one as New Zealand’s favourite egg dessert. 

World Egg Day is a global celebration of this versatile and affordable wholefood, and a chance to acknowledge the important role eggs play in diets around the world.

“New Zealand is obviously an egg-loving nation with a clear favourite across all meal times! Their affordability, accessibility and versatility means that eggs are perfect for everyone from growing toddlers, hungry teenagers to busy families and older people,” New Zealand Nutrition Foundation Dietitian, Sarah Hanrahan, says.

Eggs are a nutritious, affordable, high quality protein food containing 11 essential vitamins and minerals.

It was recently revealed[ii] that eating eggs is unlikely to raise blood cholesterol levels and increase risk of heart disease, reinforcing eggs’ role as part of a healthy well-balanced diet.

“It’s great that Kiwis are recognising the importance of eggs in their diet and are notably utilising them as a key ingredient for meals right across the day,” Hanrahan adds.

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Favourite Family Egg Recipe Survey Results – Top 3

1: Scrambled Eggs
2: Poached Eggs
3: Eggs Benedict

1: Bacon & Egg Pie
2: Classic Quiche
3: Caesar Salad

1: Carbonara
2: Bacon & Egg Pie
3: Classic Quiche

1: Pavlova
2: Lemon Tart
3: Crème Brulee

1: Mini Savoury Frittata
2: Zucchini and Feta
3: Tomato and Cheese